Inverted Albums #7: Seventh Swell

… Whew. Been a while. But then again, I did the calculations and looked up the exact math and it seems my average length between a new post seems to be 69,458,829.2 years.

Well anyways. I at least wanted to add to this gimmick as much as possible, so I waited for the seventh day of the month to post the seventh in the inverted albums series. But me being an idiot, I naturally missed last months. Oh well. I guess if I really wanted to be creative, I could’ve waited for a day after my birthday to post on the 7/7/2017. And then I could have listened to Tonetta’s album ‘777’ to really add flavor.

But anyways.

Here’s either albums that are the seventh release by a band, or just have seven in the title [due to some of the band’s having seven in their name and the album being an eponymous release]. And there’s 17 of them. Yeah, I’m really amping this gimmick up. 7’s my favorite number.

So without further ado.



Inverted Albums

Today will be the start of something new where I simply post photos of album covers after I’ve inverted them on paint. Nothing else is used. Not much editing. No bells or whistles. Just taking an album and inverting the colors and seeing the results.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

Here’s some Queen and Chicago.